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All freelancers who sign up now, will not pay the setup fee. And will only pay the membership fee from the end of January 2019.

What is a Freelancer?

The dictionary defines a freelancer as “self-employed and hired to work for different companies on particular assignments.”  Therefore it is someone who is not permanently employed by one company, but works for different companies on various projects and invoices for work performed.

Benefits of working as a freelancer

In the current economy of South Africa, a lot of companies are scaling down on permanent employees, and are therefore retrenching people to safe costs.  These same companies do still however have certain tasks that have to be performed, therefore  it makes sense to offer your services and get paid for results rather than hours worked.  This is a good way to make money, and still have the freedom to work the hours you prefer.

Hire a freelancer now!

If you are a budding entrepreneur, you will know that you always have certain tasks to be done.  As a startup company or SME, you do not always have the funds to appoint full time employees or pay established firms who charge exorbitant fees.  Whether it’s designing a logo, writing a press release or building a website, it can be done professionally by making use of a freelancer.  If you have made use of freelancers who advertise on social media, you will know that it is not always a good experience.  Some people just never do the work, others charge a deposit and then become untraceable, leaving you to go through the process again of looking for someone who can do it.  As an entrepreneur, you definitely do not have the time or the money to waste by going through this.

This is where we come in.  You can come to one website to look at the available freelancers, contact someone directly or post a job and let the freelancers send you quotations.  We also collect all our members details, and allow entrepreneurs to review the freelancers they have used to help other

We need the following persons to sign up:

Website and mobile app developers

Content writers

Graphic designers


Admin people

Data capturers